What is the PABBIS List of Lists?

Lists of challenged or controversial books from various sources have been worked into one consolidated master list. The PABBIS List of Lists has 1350 books. Books on this list may, or may not, be appropriate for your child.

Books on lists from various sources are presented just as was done by that source. PABBIS has not read/reviewed most of these books. PABBIS does not understand why some of the books, on some of the lists, (e.g. Little House on the Prairie) would even be challenged. Other books may have been challenged because of age-inappropriate (too young) use and you might find them non-objectionable for your age child.

This list of lists was developed in response to reader recommendations and requests for information. You should not determine that a book on this list is inappropriate or objectionable for your child without first obtaining more information. Find out what is in the book. Make the determination yourself.

While a book on the list of lists can be an indication that you might find it inappropriate for your child, it should not be used as the sole reason to make that determination.

If you do not find the book you are looking for information about on the list of lists we suggest that you use the Sorted by Author list. Check if the author of the book you are looking for has other books on the list of lists. You may also want to check the PABBIS excerpts section of the website to see if the book is there. Not all the books in the PABBIS excerpts section are on the PABBIS List of Lists. The PABBIS excerpts section provides more insight into what controversial material is in a book.

Links to List of Lists Supplemental Material are also available on the bottom of this page for extensive additional information.

PABBIS has not determined or declared any books bad. PABBIS thinks only the parent can make that call. A bad book for your child is what you determine is bad. Not us here at PABBIS, not the schools, not the government, not elected officials. ONLY the parent. Obviously what each parent thinks appropriate for their 12th grader might differ considerably from what they consider appropriate for their 9th grade, 7th grade, or younger children. It depends on the child and the parent's unique situation, family and values. It is a matter of differentiation, age appropriateness, and discriminating taste.

The below files are large (over 300K) so BE PATIENT opening them if you don't have a high speed connection.

To view the List of Lists sorted by Title click here

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The Lists of Lists are also available in Adobe Acrobat pdf files:

By Title (.pdf ~200k)

By Author (.pdf ~200k)

By Top 100 in 90's (.pdf ~200k)

In addition to the PABBIS List of Lists there is additional supplemental material to assist parents and educators:

To view the PABBIS List of Lists Supplemental Material 1 click here

To view the PABBIS List of Lists Supplemental Material 2 click here