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The Virginia Constitution; ARTICLE VIII ; Education; Section 5 (d) states a duty and power of  The Board of Education is authority to approve textbooks and instructional aids and materials for use in courses in the public schools of the Commonwealth.

22.1-208 of the Code of Virginia Titled: Emphasis on moral education states: The entire scheme of instruction in the public schools shall emphasize moral education through lessons given by teachers and imparted by appropriate reading selections.

  22.1-238. of the Code of Virginia states The Board of Education shall approve textbooks suitable for use in the public schools and shall have authority to approve instructional aids and materials for use in the public schools. Any school board may use textbooks not approved by the Board provided the school board selects such books in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board.

 In Virginia Administrative Code 8VAC20-170-10. The Board of Education places with local school boards the responsibility for the selection, approval, and utilization of instructional materials. It also states in the selection of instructional materials, the local school board is responsible for... Developing local criteria for selection and that the Board of Education will assist by publishing guidelines for the development of criteria. In Code 8VAC20-170-10 the Board of Education also places with the local school board responsibility for Placing special emphasis on the thorough evaluation of materials related to controversial or sensitive topics such as sex education, moral education, and religion.

22.1-277.02:1 of the Code of Virginia requires that each school board shall include, in its standards of student conduct, prohibitions against profane or obscene language or conduct.

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